"I support overseas adoption. In case of domestic adoption, Koreans adopt a child and tend to think themselves than a child. But, overseas adoptees might live in a better environment, not be discriminated and be loved freely. I think they also can do everything confidently when they come back to Korea because they can speak English and basically love Korea. I’ve thought about adoption, If I was adopted overseas I believe my life would change."        Female, age mid 50's


"If I were adopted overseas, I would grow up in a better environment, be loved from adoptive parents and get married. In my opinion, overseas adoption is better than domestic adoption. Foreign adoptive parents are more open minded about adoption and nurture their children with love. If I met foreign adoptive parents who had religious piety, I would live different life."        Female, age mid 50's


"What if I were adopted overseas? I might live better life. If I were adopted overseas, I would have a parents who I could call mama and papa, be loved from them and be happy in the family. I could go to a college, become a missionary, make friends of faith and follow my dream. But because I’m not, I’m still looking for my parents to be happy."                                   Female, age  mid 50's         


"After graduation of middle school, I work as a volunteer for Holt Children's Services Inc for 1year. I shined shoes to make money there during the time and got 10,000~20,000won once a month. As I look back, I’m proud of myself at that time. At Holt Children's Services Inc I met Korean adoptees who grew up overseas, one of them came back to korea. After that I had dreamed of adoption and tried. But sadly, I was treated like I was invisible there. If I was adopted overseas I wouldn’t be like that. If I met foreign adoptive parents, I would succeed socially, get their love and change my life. I live alone now, honestly I want to be adopted overseas even now."              Female, age  mid 50's    


"Looking back my childhood, I had very hard time because I was an orphan. I got nowhere to rely on at all. I think the child-care institution could not be like home. It makes me still quite depressed. I remember the time when I had to leave an orphanage. I was just 16-year-old. After graduated middle school, I got a job right away because I could not afford to keep studying more. It was extravagant indulgence to think about my future, so that I decided to work as a housekeeper. It wasn’t what I really wanted to be. What if there were parents who could take care of me? It would have been very happy and gratitude. Come to think about that, what should I have done under this circumstance? If I were adopted through overseas adoption programs, I might have made use of every opportunities to reach my goals with adoptive parents’s support."              

                                                                                                                     Female, age  

"A friend of mine who grew up together in the same institution also had hard time at first like me. But her life totally changed ever since she was adopted back in early 20s. It is a very unusual case as you know. After that she was the envy of all friends of her and me as well. New family, new life. She spent time with family member and good friends and then seemed more confident as time went to by. We can witness how overseas adoption has good impact on a person although it must be tough to get used to living in America.

On the other hand some people struggle with dissolution of adoption, it is in the worst case scenario. It may be so, but children should be raised at home, not a child-care institution in my opinion. When it comes to overseas adoptions the advantages outweigh the negative

Act on Special Cases concerning Adoption should be revised for those who lost a chance to have a family as well as people who are not allowed to have a baby. In addition that most single mothers are reluctant to register a birth because of the complicated adoption process and law. As a result, it cause another side effects like this situation. Please consider what to do for them."      Female, age mid 50's